Do Anti Aging Products Really Work?

Millions of dollars are spent annually on various anti aging products out there. Many people want to prevent the aging process from occurring. Others want to do what they can to reverse the signs of aging that already have taken place. They can include lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The fountain of youth seems to be something people that people of all backgrounds are after.

Many people assume it is only women that buy anti aging products, but men do so as well. With approximately $54 million being spent annually for people to look their very best, it is time to ask if these anti aging products really work. The marketing surrounding them makes them very attractive. Such claims include that the skin will be more youthful, and it will be revitalized.

The labels on so many of the anti aging products out there tell you that they are full of natural ingredients. They include herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants. Consumers associate those types of ingredients with something that they can find tremendous value in. The science that has been stated to be there isn’t factual most of the time. They get around this loophole by stating that the product can work. When it doesn’t, most people just assume that it didn’t work for them. They don’t stop to think that the formula really didn’t work.

The FTC has been trying to go after this industry for a very long time too in the areas of false advertising. Just because the product contains natural ingredients doesn’t mean it is necessarily good for you either. For example, there have been studies with Lychee extract that show it can negatively affect your blood pressure. It can also cause a woman to suffer a miscarriage.

The power of supplements is possible, but it may not be the only solution to consider. The studies that have been conducted point in the direction of being able to enjoy a better lifestyle.  This includes eating right, getting plenty of rest, and daily exercise. Reducing stress levels and also avoiding consuming alcohol can all help you to have better looking skin without spending your money on various anti aging products.

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